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Ágnes Orsolya Kiss

ERTRAC Hungary Secretariat

1119 Budapest, Thán Károly u. 3-5.
Tel: (+36 1) 371-5884


The objective of the homepage of the National Road Transport Platform of ERTRAC-Hungary is to give the interested a general picture about the operation of the organisation, and to inform them about the work implemented.

Should you have any questions, observations, please contact us via our attached availabilities.

ERTRAC-Hungary’s mission is to determine in collaboration with the interested role-players of the road transport sector the midterm and the perspective vision of the road transport, as well as the way leading to it (research and development strategy), all this for the government, the competitive sector and for research and innovation.

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2009-09-29 - ERTRAC-Hungary Vision 2030 ...

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