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Ágnes Orsolya Kiss

ERTRAC Hungary Secretariat

1119 Budapest, Thán Károly u. 3-5.
Tel: (+36 1) 371-5884


ERTRAC-Hungary intends to act in compliance with the functional mechanism of the EU-level platform of the ERTRAC for helping the development of the road transport researches.

The figure below illustrates the structure of ERTRAC-Hungary:

Is ERTRAC-Hungary’s highest body of professional decision-makers. Its members are funding members of the National Road Transport Platform of ERTRAC-Hungary, i.e. the concerned role-players of the national road transport sector. On the basis of applications, on the current plenary meeting, the Platform may be enlarged with new members, by obtaining the simple majority of the votes.

Persons proposed and elected by the plenary meeting. Proposals are made for the functional mechanism of ERTRAC-Hungary, the future frame and the strategic priorities of the road transport, for their elaboration methods.
They provide for documents required for the plenary meeting’s decisions, and their implementation. They govern the ERTRAC- Hungary Secretariat.

Performs the organisational and the coordinating operative and administrative work according to the plenary meeting’s resolutions and under the guidance of the chairmanship.

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