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Ágnes Orsolya Kiss

ERTRAC Hungary Secretariat

1119 Budapest, Thán Károly u. 3-5.
Tel: (+36 1) 371-5884


ERTRAC-Hungary’s objective is to develop such a common Vision in the sector, which determines the evolving road transport-related research demands of the interested role-players. This is the first occasion that the holistic aspects of the road transport researches occurred. And this is also the first occasion that we might succeed in joining of all the interested role-players behind a commonly developed and coherent vision, future frame.

We are looking forward to the joining intention of all concerned (carriers, operators, users, researchers, regulators) of the road transport sector. Please transmit your intention to ERTRAC-Hungary Secretariat via our indicated availabilities.

    Research and innovation
    KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd
    Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research, Institute for Materials Science
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Transport Economics
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Transportation Engin.
    Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport
    Széchenyi István University Faculty of Engineering Sciences
    Főmterv Civil Engineering Designer Ltd.
    Ramsys Zrt.
    National bodies
    Co-ordination Centre for Transport Development
    Hungarian Roads Management Company
    National Transport Authority
    Industry and services
    Hungarian Association of European Automobile Services
    ITS Hungary Association
    Hungarian Road Transport Association
    T-COM Plc. Regulatory Affairs and Pricing Policy Branch
    VOLÁN Professional Association
    Quantum Energy Kft.
    NiT Hungary
    Road infrastructure operators and developers
    COLAS Hungária
    Non-profit Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building
    H-TPA Innovation and Quality control Ltd.
    Hungarian Road Society
    Dr. Csaba Attila
    Deputy of MEP
    Civil sector
    Global Road Safety Partnership, Hungary

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